Wipe-On Wood Stain

Medal Wipe-On Wood Stain is a quick drying solvent-based dye, which will beautify and enhance the natural grain of wood. Once the timber has been stained, it must be over-coated with a clear varnish to provide long term protection against the elements.

Appearance: Solvent Based Wood Dye
Application: Interior & Exterior Wooden Surfaces
Spread Rate: 10-15 m2 per litre
Packaging: 500ml
Colours: Available standard colours

Product Application

Shake the contents thoroughly before use.
This product should be applied without thinning.
For colour consistency, ensure that batch numbers are the same on all bottles.
Apply this product with a mutton cloth, and allow +/- 30 minutes drying time before applying two coats of Medal Clear Wood Varnish.
Allow overnight drying time between coats.
All tools (brushes/gloves) must be cleaned with Mineral Turpentine immediately after use.

Product Benefits

- Enhances Natural Grain of Wood
- Long-lasting Finish
- Quick Drying Properties
- Quality Guaranteed

Product Uses

- Suitable for wooden surfaces made from Pine or Meranti
- Wooden Fascias & Knotty Pine Paneling
- Knotty Pine Walls & Ceilings
- Cupboards and Furniture made from Wood
- Interior and Exterior use

Data Sheet

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 10 Mins
Hard Dry: 30 Mins
Over-coating Time: 12-16 Hours

Spread Rate

10-15m² per litre

Colour Range

Available standard colours



Data Sheet