Sanding Sealer


Quick Drying
Can be applied directly over stained timber


Interior & Exterior
Furniture and Cupboards


Stir the contents thoroughly before use This product may be thinned down by up to 15% with Medal Lacquer Thinners for spray application. Apply one coat with a paintbrush or spray and allow one hour drying time before finishing off with 1-2 coats of Medal Wood Varnish. Clean tools (brushes & spraying equipment) with Medal Lacquer Thinners immediately after use.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 5 mins
Hard Dry: 20-30 mins
Recoating Time: 1 Hour

Spread Rate

6-8m2/ Litre

Colour Range

Milky colour that dries and turns clear


Silky smooth, clear finish

Data Sheet