QD Red Oxide Primer


Quick Drying
Excellent Adhesion


Interior & Exterior
Metal Surfaces.
Ideal for steelwork such as Gates, Fencing & Burglar Bars


Stir the contents thoroughly before use For spray application: thin down with 20% Medal QD Thinners Apply this product with a paintbrush or conventional spray, and allow overnight to dry before applying the final coat/s of paint. For dipping purposes, apply this product at 14-18 Sec/F4@25°. Spray application: thin down as described above for use with standard high-pressure spray guns – air pressure 3-5 bar. For any other/spray methods of application refer to the manufacturers specifications or contact our technical department Clean tools (brushes, rollers & spraying equipment) with Medal Quick Drying (BA) Thinners immediately after use.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 5 mins
Hard Dry: 12 Hours
Recoating Time: 12 Hours

Spread Rate

8-10m2/ Litre

Colour Range

Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide and Olive



Data Sheet