QD Industrial Enamel


Good Durability
Long Lasting Finish
Excellent Hiding Power


Interior & Exterior
Farm & Garden implements.
Indoor & Outdoor Furniture.
Truck Chassis & Tractors.
Plant & Machinery.
Steel Cabinets & Shelves


Stir the contents thoroughly before use This product should be applied as described under Surface Preparation. For colour consistency, ensure that batch numbers are the same on all cans. Apply this product with a paintbrush (small areas), paint roller or conventional spray, and allow a minimum of 4 hours drying time between coats. For dipping purposes, apply this product at 14-18 Sec/F4@25°. Spray application: thin down as described above for use with standard high-pressure spray guns – air pressure 3-5 bar. For any other/spray methods of application refer to the manufacturers specifications or contact our technical department Clean tools (brushes, rollers & spraying equipment) with Medal Quick Drying QD (BA) Thinners immediately after use.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 10 mins
Hard Dry: 1 Hour
Recoating Time: 4 Hours

Spread Rate

8-10m2/ Litre

Colour Range



Data Sheet