Professional Trade Bonding Liquid

Professional Trade Bonding Liquid is a solvent-based primer and sealer, which has been specially formulated to provide excellent penetrating properties for adhesion to very porous surfaces.

Appearance: Clear Finish
Application: Interior & Exterior
Spread Rate: 10-12m² per litre
Packaging: 1L & 5L
Colours: Clear

Product Application

Apply with brush or Mohair Roller
Stir thoroughly before use
Do not use thinners
Allow overnight drying time before applying top coat
Clean tools with Mineral Turpentine after use

Product Benefits

Primer & Sealer
Excellent Binding Properties
Can penetrate surfaces and provide stronger adhesion
Can bind Powdery/Chalked PVA Surfaces

Product Uses

Interior & Exterior
Suitable for sealing very porous surfaces such as Asbestos/Fibre Cement and Gypsum Plaster.
Binding Powdery/Chalked Pva or Lime Washed surfaces.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 40 mins
Hard Dry: 16 Hours
Recoating Time: 16 Hours

Spread Rate

10-12m2/ Litre

Colour Range




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