Excellent Bonding Agent
Provides Strong Bond


Interior & Exterior
A key for surfaces to be plastered with Cement or Gypsum plaster. Plaster Bond can also be used as a keying agent with Cement – Based tile adhesive, tile grout and slurries. This product can also be applied directly to a sound and smooth surface painted with an Acrylic Pva.
A Bonding Agent for new Cement & Gypsum Plaster.
A Bonding Agent for use with Evercure EM22.
A Keying Agent with Tile adhesive or tile grout.


Apply with brush or Lambswool roller
Stir the contents thoroughly before use. This product should be applied without thinning. Apply Professional Trade Plasterbond as described under New Surfaces for cement or gypsum-plastered surfaces.
Apply with a paintbrush or paint roller, and allow 1 to 3 hours drying time between coats. Clean tools (brushes & rollers) with Water immediately after use.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 1 Hour
Hard Dry: 1-3 Hours

Spread Rate

Not Applicable

Colour Range




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