Everseal is a high-quality acrylic waterproofing used in conjunction with a membrane, which has been especially formulated to seal and protect all exterior surfaces.

Appearance: Semi-Sheen Finish
Application: Exterior
Spread Rate: 2 Litres per m²
Packaging: 1L, 5L & 20L
Colours: Available on Colour Card

Product Application

Stir the contents thoroughly before use. This product should be applied without thinning. For colour consistency, ensure that batch numbers are the same on all cans. Apply this product with a paintbrush, and allow 4 to 8 hours drying time between coats. Clean tools (paint brushes etc) with Water immediately after use.

Product Benefits

Complete Protection
Excellent UV Resistance
Over-Coat with Water-Based Paints

Product Uses

Waterproofing Roofs, Walls and Parapet Walls.
Flashings, Roof Valleys, Overlapping Roof Sheets.
Roof Screws and Weather Walls.
Ideal for Galvanised Iron and Tiled roofs.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 30 mins - 1 Hour
Hard Dry: 24 - 48Hours
Recoating Time: 24 - 48 Hours

Spread Rate

2 Litres per m²

Colour Range



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