Evercure EM22

Evercure EM22 is a cementitious powder based on a blend of various cements and binding agents. Evercure EM22 has exceptional adhesion as a primer for most surfaces. This product is mainly used as a damp-curing agent providing excellent protection against negative pressure.

Appearance: Clear Finish
Application: Interior & Exterior
Spread Rate: 5-6m² per kilogram
Packaging: 1kg, 5kg & 20kg
Colours: Brown

Product Application

Aerate powder by shaking the bucket before mixing with water. Mix contents with water to a ratio 1:1 and stir thoroughly until homogenous with no lumps. Apply this product with a paintbrush, and allow 30-90 minutes drying time between coats. Clean tools (paintbrushes etc) with water immediately after use.

Product Benefits

Primer and Sealer
Ideal for Rising Damp
Excellent Adhesion Properties
Suitable for Everbond products & Paints

Product Uses

A primer used to Protect and Seal new Concrete, Plastered Cement and Asbestos/Fibre Cement surfaces prior to Painting or Waterproofing.
It is ideal for sealing Reservoirs; Dams and Fishponds.
Prevents rising damp in walls.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 30 Mins
Hard Dry: 24
Recoating Time: 90 Mins

Spread Rate

5-6m² per kg

Colour Range



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