Evercure Dampstop

Evercure Damp Stop is an excellent product, which has been specifically developed to seal and protect all interior and exterior surfaces against rising damp. The use of this product will prevent further deterioration of the substrate as well as protecting the subsequent coats of paint applied to the surface.

Appearance: Matt Finish
Application: Interior & Exterior
Spread Rate: 2m² per litre
Packaging: 1L & 5L
Colours: White

Product Application

Stir the contents thoroughly before use. This product can be thinned with Mineral Turpentine. Apply this product with a paintbrush, and allow overnight drying time between coats. Clean tools (paint brushes) with Mineral Turpentine immediately after use. Note: This product can be applied directly to damp surfaces.

Product Benefits

Alkali Resistant
Excellent Sealing Properties
Completely Waterproof

Product Uses

Internal and External walls made from Cement Plaster; Concrete and Masonry surfaces.
Walls plastered below the Damp Proof Course.

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 4 Hours
Hard Dry: 16 Hours
Recoating Time: 16 Hours

Spread Rate

2m² per litre

Colour Range



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