Bonding Liquid

Medal Bonding Liquid is a solvent-based primer and sealer, which has been specially formulated to provide excellent penetrating properties for adhesion to very porous surfaces.

Appearance: Clear Finish
Application: Interior & Exterior
Spread Rate: 10-15m² per litre
Packaging: 1L & 5L
Colours: Clear

Product Application

Stir the contents thoroughly before use This product should be applied without thinning. If thinning is required use Mineral Turpentine. Apply this product with a paintbrush or (mohair) paint roller, and allow overnight drying time before applying the final coat/s of paint. Clean tools (brushes & rollers) with Mineral Turpentine immediately after use.

Product Benefits

Primer & Sealer
Excellent Bonding Properties

Product Uses

Suitable for sealing very porous surfaces such as Asbestos/Fibre Cement and Gypsum Plaster.
Binding Powdery/Chalked Pva or Lime Washed surfaces uses

Drying Time

Touch Dry: 40 mins
Hard Dry: 16 Hours
Recoating Time: 16 Hours

Spread Rate

10-15m2/ Litre

Colour Range



Clear finish

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