Medal Paints Quality ranges of products are covered by a quality guarantee. All these products are made to a high quality standard. This guarantee is subject to certain conditions described hereunder:

- The purchaser must retain the invoice as proof of purchase (i.e. name of the company/ date of purchase/product/s purchased) and record the batch number/s of a product/s bought/ used according.

- The purchaser may call our Customer Service line (08600-63325) in the event of any technical assistance for a particular paint problem or query.

- These products are guaranteed for a period of three years if surface/s has been correctly prepared, and subject to the correct paint system (i.e. Primer Undercoat and Topcoat) has been used in accordance to the ‘instructions for use’ set by Medal Paints.

- A technical consultant from Medal Paints will personally investigate and follow up all complaints related to paint failure.

- Medal Paints will guarantee the product for three years, subject to the adherence by the purchaser to comply with the specification and/ or ‘instructions for Use’ appearing on the reverse side of each can.

- If the applied appearance of these products deteriorates within three years of application, other than due to extreme weather conditions, Medal Paints will gladly replace the product/s with an identical un-applied product/s free of charge, subject to proof of purchase.

- Medal paints does not incur any liability or obligation other than such replacement obligation. In particular, Medal Paints does not incur any liability for remedial expenses (labour costs) and/or for any consequential damages or loss.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Department on 08600-63325 or (011) 661-5700 where we will gladly assist you with any queries you may have.

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